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My “studio” is either my living room or my office, depending on which keyboards and computers may be called into action for a particular project. No sound-proofing, so this is not the place to make your pristine master recording for your next million-selling, Grammy Award-winning album.

Having said that, I DO have up-to-date Logic Pro recording software, Apple iMac computers, Yamaha and Ensoniq keyboards, decent Shure and Sennheiser microphones... enough stuff to get your voice, and your songs, into a finished product on a respectable CD.

So, what kind of quality can be produced with this situation?

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Rock Me GentlyMP3-Rock_Me_Gently.html
She Comes In A Day DreamMP3-She_Comes_In_a_Day_Dream.html
When Your Old Wedding Ring Was NewMP3-When_Your_Old_WRWN.html
We Must Be Loving RightMP3-We_Must_Loving_Right.html
High School MemoryMP3-High_School_Memory.html
Good VibrationsMP3-Good_Vibrations.html
Take A Chance On MeMP3-Take_a_Chance_on_Me.html

Some Recordings I Have Produced:

For The Solo Musician and/or Songwriter...

While listening to the Audio Samples below,

please keep a few points in mind:

•   My song selection may not necessarily be your “cup of tea”

•   These are compressed-quality MP3 files, not full-fidelity CD’s

  1. The objective is to listen to the quality of what can be accomplished in a small studio

  2. Use good speakers or headphones to listen

(Click on titles)

If You Need Additional Instrumentation:

For the Solo Musician, either instrumental or vocal, who wants to get a complete arrangement recorded, I am an accomplished pianist, and, with the world of sampled instruments available, I can fill in other instruments around your playing, or,

I can construct an entire band/orchestra behind you.

I played all the instruments on the tracks above, except:

  1. Charlie Mongano plays most of the drums on “Wilmington” and “High School Memory”

  2. Roy Smith plays one of the electric guitar lines on “She Comes In a Day Dream”

  3. George Theiss appears as guest artist on one of the guitar tracks in “Wilmington”.

I’ll leave you to figure out which of the other tracks in the arrangements above are “real” instruments and which ones are keyboard-controlled sampler instruments.

If You Want Additional Vocal Harmonies:

Go back and check out the vocal harmonies in the choruses of “Rock Me Gently” and in “When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New” above. All the voices are mine.

These next Audio Samples demonstrate some additional vocal harmony capabilities:

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