short stories

Doug Alt

The rituals our feathered friends go through to get their “teen-agers” out of the nest and on to their own.

Cardinals As Parents (don’t tell the Pope)SS-Cardinal_Parents.html

A sequel, which should be read AFTER reading the “Cardinals As Parents” story.

A Cardinal’s Mothering InstinctSS-Mothering_Instinct.html

AKA: “Memories of ’47”. The end of the steam era in Morganville, NJ.

The Last Passenger Train From FreeholdSS-Last_Passenger_Train.html

Four-legged acrobat in our back yard creates his own “show”.

Musical SquirrelSS-Musical_Squirrel.html

Teen-agers WILL be teen-agers.....

Water Tower AdventuresSS-Water_Tower_Adventures.html

Farm kids learn to drive very early. This incident almost had a very tragic un-intended consequence.

Learning To Drive The Spiked-Wheel TractorSS-Tractor_Driving_Disc.html

It was the first car I owned, and it took me through some quirky, even down-right spooky, episodes.

Mystery of the 1960 FordSS-Mystery_1960_Ford.html

Summer employment adventures for a college student.

Summer of ’61SS-Summer_of_61.html

More Summer employment adventures, at a place that is now very famous in the world of music.

Summer of ’62SS-Summer_of_62.html

The military draft upset and rearranged many lives over the decades. Sometimes the introduction to foreign cultures can be very memorable.

The Kronberg ApartmentSS-Kronberg_Apartment.html

My bicycle and the great train system in Germany enabled me to explore some fascinating places and events.

Train Travel In GermanySS-Train_Travel_-_Germany.html

A poignant social/music event at a picture-postcard location.

The Stone Bench At Five IslandsSS-Stone_Bench.html
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Train travels in Europe, with some eye-opening episodes inside a communist country.

Iron Curtain CrossingSS-Iron_Curtain_Crossing.html

An Army training course in Atomic Demolitions provides some contrasting high and low moments.

Win Some, Lose Some - Atomic DemolitionsSS-Win_Some,_Lose_Some_-_ADM.html

Capitalism and Marketing at the age of 8.

Christmas CardsSS-Christmas_Cards.html