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“Legacy” Recordings

Quick, Relatively Simple Sessions FOR:

• Musicians wishing to preserve examples of their achievements to distribute to relatives and friends.

• Music students wishing to capture and analyze a “snapshot” of their progress up to this point.

• Active performing musicians, amateur or professional, wanting a realistic reflection of what their audiences are hearing, for self-improvement purposes.

The Process:

I come to YOU - Your space, your comfort zone, your home or your performance venue.

One suitcase with microphone gear, a microphone stand or two and my laptop computer are all I need to carry along to get your music recorded.

I capture whatever happens that day - mistakes and all. I may also record any verbal discussions we have that day. I may “interview” you about your musical past, and then incorporate some of your comments into the recorded project. (Your descendants WILL be absolutely thrilled with this!)

After the recording session, I can occasionally edit some of the errors out, particularly if we do multiple takes of any particular song.

The Rationale:

You may have heard the adage, “Sad indeed is the person who dies with their song still inside.”

Just as you have albums, boxes or files full of photographs of the other parts of your life, a “legacy” recording lets you preserve some “snapshots” of the musical aspect of your life.

For those musicians who are growing older, perhaps even approaching “Seasoned Citizen” territory, immediately below is a link to two poignant stories that illustrate the importance of “doing it now”.

Legacy Recording StoriesLegacy_Stories.html

The Next Step:

Wait no longer!

Jot down a list of songs you feel you could give your best shot.

Make an appointment for your recording session.

Practice up a bit, but don’t worry about having to achieve perfection before we hit the “record” button - just relax and have fun with going through some of your repertoire.

SEE YA...      SOON!

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