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Titles are listed in reverse chronological order of the production dates - newest at the top.

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Unique arrangements of songs old and new. Two of my own original songs are included.

A “best of” selection of songs from my other CDs that I enjoy most going back to hear again myself.

Straight covers, intended to sound like the originals as much as possible, of Top 40 hits through the years.

Backing tracks on these songs were NOT recorded by me - they were purchased from various karaoke supply sources.

Piano solos, with some orchestral backing, of light classics and easy-going standards. One original piece included.

Various styles of hits and standards. One original song of mine is in the mix.

Unique arrangements showcasing Vocal Harmony, with extensive vocal multi-tracking and much A Cappella work.

Top 40 hit songs, performed very similarly to the originals.

More Top 40 hit songs, with two originals tossed in.

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None of these CDs have been produced in volume for sale to the public.

I print them up one at a time, to give to family and friends, or to provide to prospective music engagement clients who wish to hear what I sound like.

If you would like a copy of any of these CDs, please email or call me to discuss how I might be able to get a copy to you.

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Eclectic mix: Smoky jazz café, reggae, country, disco, Motown, surfer and Broadway styles of music.

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